Saturday, February 22, 2014

Postcards From The Travel Lodge

I was in an antique store flipping through a box of old postcards when I found one from the Mesa Travel Lodge. The point of postcards is two-fold: The sender wants the recipient to be overwhelmed with jealousy of their awesome endeavor, and the place featured on the postcard wants to inspire people to visit. Yes, you're making your friends jealous, but you're also helping travel marketers when you send those things. That what was so baffling about this Mesa Travel Lodge postcard. It was a poor photo of the lodge's half-full parking lot. It's a sad motel that looks like it will one day be used as the backdrop for a local news report. It does not inspire jealous, in fact, it makes you glad that you're not there. If someone were to write "wish you were here" on the back of it and mail it to you, it'd be an insult.

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