Monday, February 24, 2014

Wrong Way

I was at an unfamiliar bar after skiing a new resort and excused myself from a conversation with two Australians and walked to the bathroom. It was one of those ski hill bathrooms that are built to serve legions of people. I didn't see any urinals when I walked in and assumed they'd be around the corner, but after I walked past about 15 stalls to the corner I still didn't see any. It dawned on me, "Uh oh," as I heard the whoosh of a toilet and a women in ski boots and and huge fur hood walked out of the stall next to me. "I'm in the wrong place." I'm sure she knew, but I had to say it so that she didn't think that I like creeping in the women's restroom. She laughed, and on my way out of the place I passed two women on their way in who paused to check the sign.

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