Monday, January 31, 2011

Poor Driving

I was riding my bike home from work through a couple inches of slush last week. People often double park on narrow roads leaving just enough room for another car to sneak through, and inexperienced drivers like to slow to a crawl and creep through these narrow spots. When I'm riding my bike I can see a foot of space on each side when they go through, but I'm sure it looks much narrower when you're driving. A car was going through one of these slots but freaked out in the middle and hit the brakes. I was right behind and had to stop and stand there. His car got stuck and in his haste he floored it spraying me with road grime. I had on my rain suit, which makes me look like I'm working on an Alaskan crab boat, so I was but a bit perturbed. The driver freed himself and I caught up with him and knocked on his window at the next intersection. I yelled some nonsense about not driving like an idiot, and he tried to roll down his window but accidentally hit the button to roll down the back window. It then occurred to me that getting sprayed with slush is not worth getting shot over, so I rode away before things got out of hand. There's a fine line between being a pushover and being the target of a gun wielding maniacal motorist.

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