Friday, June 24, 2011

Brits Patio Chairs

It was a college night and two friends of mine decided they wanted some folding director chairs from a local British pub. They parked a truck a couple blocks away and figured they'd steal some off the front patio. We expected little resistance. I was sitting next to them on a city bench when they got up and nabbed four of the chairs. A woman standing at the host stand chased them at a dead sprint for a couple blocks. I thought they'd run away with maybe a shout, but this lady was after them. As I'd been sitting on the bench next to them moments earlier, I decided to make myself scarce and cool my heels for a couple hours at the nearest bar with a drink special. I didn't hear from them for several hours, and it turns out that the police pulled them over and made them get out of the car at gunpoint. The bar didn't press charges, but both of my friends have a lifetime ban. And they didn't even get to keep the chairs.

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