Sunday, June 26, 2011

False Pretense

During the planning phase of proposing to my girlfriend I booked a room in a swanky hotel for the event. I went to the hotel to try to see some of the rooms and make sure nothing went awry with the booking. A kind woman with an accent I couldn't quite place helped me at the front desk. I asked about the differences of a couple of the rooms, views, check-in and so on, and then I leaned in close to her and lowered my voice. She leaned in to hear. I said, "So, here's the situation. I'm luring my girlfriend here under false pretenses..." That was as far as I got when she jumped back a step with her eyes darting around finding the exits. And I said, like a line out of a horror movie, "It's okay! It's okay! It's a good thing!" We got things cleared up and she offered me some premature congratulations on the engagement. Thank god the hotel didn't have panic buttons installed.

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