Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kickboxing Questions

During jury selection we were all asked one open ended question: What do you like to do in your spare time? I said I like to read and write and spend time outdoors. Most peoples' answers offered careful curated versions of their lives, things they want people to know that they like to do. The woman sitting next to me answered as follows: "I like kickboxing, Tae Bo, and Muay Thai." Our judge, a short woman with crisp, clear speech, who barked the last word of every sentence asked her, "What's Tae Bo?" The woman explained that it was kind of like kickboxing. The judge made a note with her pencil and then looked up and asked, "And what's Muay Thai?" "Uh, another kind of kickboxing." Our judge, so unflappable throughout the hearing took a moment to stare, and this prospective juror lit up bright red. I hope that six years from now when she has to serve on another jury, and if she's still that into kickboxing, she just says, "Kickboxing" and leaves it at that.

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